5 Reasons Why Sony Will Continue To Reign Supreme

Ouch That Hertz!

In terms of a video game console war, it does not seem to exist anymore. However, there is competition between all gaming companies and manufactures as one would suppose, and the two companies battling it out with each other are Sony and Microsoft, Xbox versus PlayStation. Many own both platforms, some only choose one, but with the next generation just around the corner there is a lot on the line for Microsoft, especially with its lackluster success of the Xbox One this past generation. So far what is most important in the argument is well, the games. WithHalo Infiniteon the Xbox Series X being delayed indefinitely and so many day one releases being shown on the PlayStation 5, it is quite possible that Sony will win over Microsoft yet again. Here are five reasons that Sony and the PlayStation will stay on top in terms of the moreā€¦

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